18 December 2003

Boy, truer words was never spoke. Or wrote.

After almost 20 years in the government, another 10 on the receiving end of government ministrations before that, I've well and truly had enough of 'stovepiping'.

[Deputy Secretary of Commerce] Bodman told the gathering, "I will tell you, it is very hard for this government to have a vision on anything. We are totally stove-piped, and we live within these compartments. This is not by way of a complaint. This is not by way of an excuse. It is by way of a fact. The emphasis, duh, is mine.

19 February 2003

From Maritimetoday.com:
MERPAC to Meet in D.C.

The Merchant Marine Personnel Advisory Committee (MERPAC), sponsored by the U.S. Coast Guard, will conduct a meeting in Washington, DC on March 4, 2003. The meeting may also be attended by teleconference. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the Coast Guard's proposed national security regulations for merchant vessel personnel. 68 Fed. Reg. 806

In other words, notice of the meeting was published in the Federal Register!

18 February 2003

From maritimetoday.com:
IMO Releases Safety of Navigation Circular
Posted 2/18/03 at 10:24:AM
The IMO released Safety of Navigation Circular 229 providing information regarding submarine pipeline operations in the Singapore Strait-Phillip Channel. Mariners are urged to exercise caution when in this area.

To the astonishment of every five year old, IMO professes an interest in maritime safety. [snicker] I'd call 'em retromingent pithecoids, but that's a bit too polite.