23 February 2005

The Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association (MEBA) is celebrating its 130th birthday today, February 23. It was back in 1875 when a collection of local marine engineers' association representatives, fed up with the intolerable working conditions of the day, banded together in Cleveland, Ohio. Boiler explosions aboard steamboats and pathetic working conditions coupled with measly paychecks spurred these trailblazers to unite for the protection of mariners. Early on, our forefathers battled for beneficial legislation to certify and license waterborne engineers. They also prevailed in securing U.S. officers - both deck and engine - aboard U.S.-flagships displacing foreign seamen. Those early struggles and many others paved the way for the worker protections and benefits.
MEBA President Ron Davis made a few remarks on the upcoming occasion. "As members of the MEBA we are honored to recognize our great Union on this momentous 130th anniversary. The longevity of the MEBA stems from the inherent strength and cohesiveness of our members that few other labor unions can claim. We stand upon the shoulders of those who came before us and are privileged to build upon the proud foundation they established. As union members, we know that we must work together from a position of strength and unity so that the members who follow us can prosper from the efforts we put forward today."

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