06 April 2009

Quote of the day

Please note, then, for the record: the penalty for unleashing hyperinflation can be horrible; can be tragic:
"The government calmly goes on printing these scraps of paper, because, if it stopped, that would be the end of the government. Because once the printing presses stopped - and that is the prerequisite for the stabilization of the currency - the swindle would at once be brought to light. Believe me, our misery will increase. The scoundrel will get by. The reason: because the State itself has become the biggest swindler and crook. A robbers' state! If the horrified people notice that they can starve on billions, they must arrive at this conclusion: we will no longer submit to a State which is built on the swindling idea of the majority. We want a dictatorship." Adolph Hitler, quoted in Shirer's Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

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