15 June 2010

Unfortunatly old news: China threatens US

So... back in the last year of the last millennium, JFQ (Joint Forces Quarterly), the professional publication of the National Defense University noted that an article published in a People's Republic of China journal had called for China to be able to win a war against the US by 2029. There was a lot of intra-military discussion about this. Specifically: was the PRC putting the US on notice -- this is what we're going to do -- or were they just rattling the US' cage?

Well, by their actions ye shall know. For China to be able to defeat the US, there are ... things... that have to happen; for one thing, the People's Liberation Army Navy (yes, that's the correct title) will need a LOT more blue-water capability.

Well it appears that some of these ... things... have started to happen. Here's Gordon Chang by way of the Instapundit.

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