08 May 2013

You're counseling women to submit?

Instapundit links to a report by Wired Magazine which found a brochure from Shaw AFB saying “it may be advisable to submit than to resist.”

Yes, the sentence's really structured that way.

Let me be clear*: a necessary although not, alas, sufficient condtion for any pretense of being a civilized society is the ability of women to say 'no.' 

If she says 'no' and her wishes aren't respected it then becomes the agressor's reponsibility to make sure she knows her life isn't in danger.  Nope, I've no flippin' idea how you'd do that.

Because, if she isn't sure her life is safe, she's surely justified doing anything she needs to do to stay alive.  Yep, that implies dead attackers.


*Look if this phrase's good enough for POTUS...

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