26 November 2013


Comes now Mickey Kaus who's bemused that the press is (n.b. finally) tumbling to the fact that Obamacare takes from some and gives to others.  In a word, redistributive.

Also sprach der Noo Yawk Times:
The idea is basically that Obamacare is secretly (“shhh!” says Tim Noah) redistributive. Obama can’t use the term lest he scare the right, says Harwood. And if youre going to be redistributive, well, there have  to be losers

And here the good-deed-dooers run up against the hard rules of the USA: if you want to raise a bunch of money, you end up increasing taxes on people who don't consider themselves rich.  They really don't. 

Dr. Jonathan Gruber (health economist at MIT) claims opposition to this redistribution is just “a convenient tool for Republican opponents who would fight the law anyway.”

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